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Assisted Living Checklist: Top 12 Questions

May 14, 2021

​Choosing the ideal assisted living community requires a fair amount of research. You want a community where you or your loved one will feel happy, safe, and well cared for at all times. Unfortunately, finding the best match can be a bit overwhelming. That said, you will eventually want to tour the facilities in person, after making calls to inquire about the services, costs, and other issues.

You will need to ask a few questions to help you know whether a community is the right fit. Luckily, we have done some of the footwork and compiled a checklist for you to use when touring and calling assisted living facilities. Here are some basic questions to help get you started.

What is the staff to resident ratio?

A good community should have enough employees dedicated to taking care of the elderly occupants. The staff-to-resident ratio should help you determine the quality of care your loved one will get.

Can you describe the training, qualifications, and experience of your staff?

Get to know whether the staff is properly trained and qualified. It is important to understand what capabilities, regular training and experience of the general staff.

Can your staff administer medications?

Some folks who require assisted living might find it challenging to self-administer medications. Therefore, it might be crucial that the staff is qualified to help residents with their medication.

Does the community offer skilled nursing?

This might be an important consideration for you if it is determined that constant care and monitoring from a skilled nurse is a necessity. Most assisted living and memory care communities are licensed only for those levels of care.

Are potential residents assessed before admission?

A good community will conduct assessments of prospective residents to understand their dietary requirements, behaviors, ability to manage medications, chronic illnesses, and much more.

What are the different types of apartments available?

A good community will have a variety of units designed to meet the most common needs of its residents. Finding the perfect unit for your needs, might be impacted by availability. It’s important to acknowledge this prior to entering into any agreements.

What are the monthly costs?

Most facilities offer a broad variety of support services. Having a detailed breakdown of the monthly cost will be critical in helping you decide what best fits your budget.

Does the community have a waiting list?

Imagine how it would feel, once you have decided on a community to find out there is a lengthy waiting list. Always inquire about waitlists and wait list policies.

Can you tell me a little bit about the current residents?

It’s important to know the level of social activities and opportunities the community provides before making a decision.

Are there any outdoor spaces available?

Safe, well-lit outdoor spaces are great for residents to connect with nature and socialize. An outdoor space should provide access to fresh air and promote exercise.

Is the community able to accommodate changes in services when the needs of a resident change?

Sometimes, a resident’s needs tend to increase (or decrease) and it is essential you know whether the community can accommodate extra services to cater to the changes.

What is your bill payment policy?

Various assisted living communities have different billing and payment policies. It is important to establish which costs can be covered by private insurance, personal assets, or Medicare.

Our caring and dedicated staff is here to answer these questions and more. If you would like to learn about our independent, assisted living or dedicated memory care communities, please give us a call at (401) 596-4630 or contact us to arrange a tour.

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